Accent Walls: Flair & Personality on a Budget

Are you looking for that “wow” factor in your home decor? Do you want to do something that stands out, like you? You might want an accent wall in your home. An accent wall is a design concept that will turn any room you want into a masterpiece. Most people create an accent wall by simply painting one wall of the chosen room a bright or bold color. Here’s an idea: instead of choosing a single, different color to paint your accent wall, add some texture, have a mural painted to turn the wall itself into a work of art, or try something as different as a mirror mural. An impeccably styled accent wall can reflect your personal taste while adding to the overall value and decor of your new home. Here are a few more decorating tips that you might want to consider when designing your accent wall.

Textured: Try different materials like faux-brick, stucco, marble or the before mentioned wall mirrors to add a textured look to your accent wall. The size of your space can be increased (reflective surfaces like mirrors) or decreased (bulky materials like bricks). A few choice furniture pieces coupled with a textured accent wall can really show off your signature style. Don’t want mirrors or brick? Feel free to try other options like leather, metal, or even colored acrylic and wood.

Patterns: Instead of applying wallpaper to the whole room, try having it installed on the desired accent wall only. Tie the space decor together perfectly with a well chosen selection of wall paper that will enhance and accent the room.

Choosing the design of your interior that also shows your personal taste and style can be difficult. An accent wall is an excellent choice when it comes to a giving your space a touch of personality.

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