Decorating Trends for 2014

Are you getting ready to move to a new place? Are you tired of your décor and need a change? Maybe you have a second home that needs some sprucing up. If you’d like some inspiration to revitalize your space, take a look at these 2014 decorating trends.

Like fashion trends, design trends change over time. And although it’s not necessarily important to be “in style” with regard to your home décor, knowing the current popular styles can help you decide how to decorate or redecorate one room or an entire home. The trends described here—wall embellishments—can be applied in several ways to bring texture and dimension to flat wall surfaces and create focal points within your interior design.

Options for wall embellishments include wallpaper, glass, lace and beads, as well as some simple, more personalized DIY options. Let’s start with wall paper.

Digital printing has allowed wallpaper designers to formulate designs that have not been available in earlier hand-printed versions. Wallpaper can be used in several ways, depending on your objective. For example, papering just one wall in a room—an accent wall—will provide a focal point with more depth, especially where architectural detail is lacking.

A small room can appear larger by using vertical stripes. Wallpaper can transform too-large or high ceilinged rooms into more intimate spaces: Divide the room in half using a chair rail and wallpaper only the bottom half.

With wallpaper trending, just about anything goes. Damask, the classic wallpaper design, has returned in a variety of colors. Bold or busy prints that would be overwhelming in a living or dining room work in small rooms like bathrooms. An increasingly popular trend is wallpaper prints that mimic the natural environment with stones or rustic wood detail.

Going green is as popular with wall embellishments as it is in building construction; eco-friendly wall treatments focus on reusing and repurposing a variety of materials.

Homemade “wallpaper” is a unique personalized option to showcase your walls. You can use pages from your favorite book; magazine print, pictures or advertisements; and even newspapers.

Old windows or window shutters can be pieced together if broken or hung as-is for a rustic feel. This same effect can also be achieved by hanging musical instruments such as an old trombone or trumpet.

Fabric. For a more elegant feel, lace or fabric is a great choice for wall embellishment. This is a good option for renters who aren’t allowed to make permanent changes to their unit, and it’s not messy like painting. Fabric can also be framed like a painting and hung on the wall; this is a clever way to ensure your artwork and furniture complement one another.

Other design trends for 2014 include brass in everything from candlesticks and book ends to railings and coffee tables; the use of locally produced art work; and the color green. Pantone, “the world-renowned authority on color” was named Emerald green “color of the year” for 2013 and it’s popularity will continue well into 2014.

Home decorating, of course, goes way beyond your walls. Décor South can outfit you with every style of home furnishing and accessory as well as provide design information and advice to help you combine the latest trends with your personal style. To find out more, please contact us.


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