Modernism: Decorating Your Home for Harmony & Balance

I know you have heard it before, “your home is like your castle,” but it should be more than just a place that provides you security and comfort; your home should also be a place where you automatically feel harmony and balance. A modern space can achieve just that feeling. Not necessarily a style, modernism is meant to create newness- by using quality new materials and new methods rather than past traditions and styles for home decorating. The idea is to create an inspired space throughout your home that is pleasantly calming and not overwhelming; and where each decorative piece can have its own solo performance, while other items in the room are still noticeable but kept more muted.

If you want your home to be more creative than you imagine, then already you have an attitude that is wide rather than a narrow view. That means that you are open to the approach that gives a broader spectrum of styles, influences, and techniques. Through modernism, just about any category of furnishings or objects can be mixed. Nevertheless, the modern style is set in harmony and proportion, with a balance between architecture and decoration, pattern and texture, and color and light. Décor South features a wide selection of modern style furniture, designed to help you achieve the balance between of harmony and style, such as the Akasha Dining, and the Elloise Sofa sets.

A modern setting has a huge impact on how the interior can be configured and remade. In this type of setting we can still display other interior-styled decor (other than modern objects) to reflect our own own personal style. From a rustic look  to retro objects , or any other style that you choose for your home, the options are limitless, especially when you have the option to mix and match in a (modern) setting.

At Decor South you can achieve a modern living, through different styled options and manufacturers. Create balance and harmony in your home and, contact us.

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