Five Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Chambery Headboard

Liven Up Your Bedroom – Employ These Simple Decorating Ideas

You’ve spent hours decorating the rooms in your home, but your bedroom is one room that you’ve continued to neglect through the years. The blank walls and plain décor taunt you from the time you open your eyes in the morning to the moment your head hits the pillow at night. Use the following decorating tips to conquer your dull bedroom décor and make something that reflects your personal style.

Not just a bed

Since your bed is already the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, turning it into a beautiful focal point is easy. Purchasing an upholstered headboard that has a unique color can instantly add warmth to a boring room. If the headboard is a solid color, using a bedspread that has a vibrant pattern adds a pleasant contrast to the space.

More than a place to sleep

Including a seating area in your bedroom can add character to the space, and provide you with a place to relax quietly after an exhausting day. Placing one or two chairs in the room with a small table can make for an excellent reading area. If you’re room is large enough, instead of chairs, you can incorporate a small, but elegant mirrored desk into the space.

A mirror is your bedroom’s best friend

The right mirror in your bedroom can be used for more than just checking your reflection. A large floor mirror can add depth to a room and a mirror hung on an empty wall across from a window can double the beautiful scenery and light in the space.

The foot of your bed should not be forgotten

While the foot of your bed may seem insignificant, you can liven-up the spot with a fun piece of furniture. If your bedroom isn’t big enough for extra seating, placing a bench at the end of your bed is a great alternative. If storage is a bigger concern, adding a trunk can solve your problem.

A touch of color and light

If you feel your walls need a little extra something, adding a painting, a foot above your headboard, can help tie your bedroom’s new look together. Also including a simple but colorful table lamp on your nightstand can bring a pop of color into the room.

If you’re looking to liven-up your bedroom’s décor, please contact us to view our large collection of home furnishings.

Update Your Home with These 5 Simple Decorating Tips

2013 said goodbye to the days of decorating your home in one specific style and welcomed a new trend of mixing designs to create a more unique and personalized look. Ridding your house or a single room of a unified style allows you to explore the numerous decorating options that pop up each year. Using a Mixture of the decorating trends 2013 has brought us, can help you create a space that embodies a fresh and exciting style.


You may be hesitant to use this distinguished metallic in your home, and if that is the case, try placing a few small gold objects throughout your house to see if it matches your taste. On the other hand, if you love the idea of bringing touches of gold into your design, consider purchasing furniture that incorporates the metallic material. Gold’s versatile nature makes it easy to fit in with almost any color scheme, and it will definitely add elegance to a room.

Natural décor 

Including natural décor into rooms that have a contemporary appearance is a great way to throw a bit of contrast and warmth into a space. Oak furniture, lamps made of natural materials, and woven baskets are a few ways you can bring this look into your home. Remember, less can be more, and overusing any design trend can cause it to overwhelm a room instead of complementing it.

Emerald Green

2013 is the year of emerald green. Placing objects, such as, lamps, pillows, or vases in your home that showcase the color is an excellent way to see if the trend works for you. If you find yourself in love with the idea of emerald green, consider using it for an accent wall.

Vintage furniture

While using vintage furnishings in your home is not a new trend, it is one that is still alive and kicking this year. Incorporating vintage looking dressers with modern furniture is an excellent way to continue on the mixed style path. If you purchase your vintage furniture used, an easy way to spruce it up is by adding a few coats of paint. Consider replacing any knobs or hinges on it with gold or brass hardware for a simple way to bring the metallic trend  into your style. 

Repurposed wood

This trend is also one that has been around, but continues to grow in popularity. Reclaimed wood or synthetic wood made to appear repurposed paired with metal brings a touch of character to a room. Purchasing wooden accessories or art is also another popular design choice in 2013.

If you are looking to freshen up your home’s decorating style, please contact us to view our collection of beautiful home furnishings.

Three Simple Changes to Make a Big Impact on the Interior Design of Your Home

If you’re ready to renew your interior space but don’t have an excess amount of money or time, following one or more of these three easy tips can change the entire look of a room or an entire house.

  • Lighting is frequently overlooked but very important part of your overall interior design. In addition to being a design element, the way a room is lit creates the feel or mood of that space and should be carefully considered. For overhead lights, dimmer switches are essential. A dimmer switch allows you to turn up the light to complete tasks, and to turn down the light to create a romantic or relaxing atmosphere. Different levels of light will reflect your walls and furniture differently, changing the hues and depth perception in the room.  Floor lamps and table lamps can be preferable to overhead lighting if you have a design theme in your home. Lamps can be found to coordinate with practically every décor including Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern. Vacation homes or rentals might beg for a Western or Coastal design and these are easily found as well.
  • Area Rugs. Keep the same furniture and textiles for many years if you like; when you need a change simply switch out the area rugs. The look and feel of a room can be completely transformed by changing a rug from a traditional style to a contemporary style; by using a rug made up of bright, bold colors that you’re not ready to try as paint color or furniture; or by using a theme rug, such as an animal print or botanical print. And changing your rugs is a lot less expensive than buying a new sofa every few years.
  • Accent pillows are another inexpensive design element that can make a big impact. You can use accent pillows on your sofa to provide a “pop” of color or to pull other colors in the room together. Give your traditional sofa a new character by pairing it with some “shabby chic” pillows; burlap is a good choice that adds both texture and personality. Try a contemporary sofa with some traditional style pillows to make your décor eclectic. Play with different types of fabrics and colors and prints to find out what creates the mood you’re looking for.

Décor South provides furnishings and accessories for the way you live, allowing you to define your design personality and style. Contact us if you’d like more information or interior design ideas.

Color of the Year 2013: Emerald Green

Emerald green has been named the “color of the year” for 2013 by Pantone LLC. Pantone describes itself as “the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries”.

If you follow current decorating trends you may feel compelled to integrate emerald green into your décor, or you may just find this an interesting piece of news. In any case, remember: the “right” color(s) for your home depend on what appeals to you. It doesn’t matter if a color is “in” if it’s not one you enjoy living with.

But green deserves a closer look. Consider that every flower—no matter what its color—has a green stem: green matches everything! And there are several shades of green to choose from, each invoking a different mood:

Emerald, the color of the year, promotes an elegant, luxurious feel, and offers a great “pop” of color to enhance a room. It’s a good choice for an accent wall.

Lime green is another shade currently in fashion that also provides a “pop” of color, and goes well with any shade of blue, bright orange and red, and black. As with emerald, use lime green sparingly to brighten your décor; too much can easily become overwhelming.

Forest green gives a natural, earthy feeling that looks great with rustic/cabin décor and can be combined with virtually any color palette. Try forest green with gold, burgundy, browns and beiges.

Avocado and Olive green are both muted shades of green, with olive being a bit darker. These greens do not “pop” like emerald and lime but can provide a more relaxing tone for an accent wall and are good choices for sofas and chairs.

Sage green is a great choice to paint an entire room. It creates a warm peaceful backdrop for any type of décor and most color palettes.

These are just a sampling of the shades and tones of green; there are many more. If you’re thinking of updating your décor, consider incorporating one of the many shades of green home furnishings. To shop for furniture and accent pieces check us out here.

Storage Made Beautiful

Decorating a home is an exciting and rewarding project, but maintaining your design and keeping it free of clutter throughout a hectic week can be challenging.  As groceries, jackets, and mail pile up, it’s important to have a designated space for everything.

Thankfully, Decor South carries a variety of wonderful pieces that add both beauty and function to your home.  Here are a couple of our favorites:

  • Storage beds.  A storage bed can be a life-saver when it comes to de-cluttering.  The stately Ellington Sleigh Storage Bed has a spacious drawer for storing linens, shoes, or anything else that might otherwise leave a bedroom looking messy.  These beds are also great in a child’s room, where clutter seems to build up throughout the week.
  • Foyer organization.  Whether you enter your home through a foyer, mudroom, or simply an entryway, having a piece of attractive furniture to absorb keys, mail, and electronics is critical in a well-organized home.  Our Regency Hall Chest is a great example of a unique piece that looks great and provides ever-important storage for bills, schoolwork, and whatever else might clutter your home.

The possibilities are endless when you think outside the box.  To find your inspiration, contact us to see how unique, elegant pieces from Decor South can complement your home design!

Decorating Tips: How to Use Mirrors in Your Home

Golden Hourglass Wall Mirror (Goldleaf Finish)

Golden Hourglass Wall Mirror (Goldleaf Finish)

Mirrors can be used as a wonderful decorative tool in your house. They can help brighten a dark room, add depth to a small space, or simply contribute to the beauty in your home. While there aren’t many ways to misuse a mirror, there are a few decorating tips you should follow when deciding where to place one.

  • Using one of our wall mirrors in a narrow hallway, staircase, or entry way helps the space appear wider than it really is. It will also keep you and your guests from feeling claustrophobic when entering the tight area.
  • The beauty you see out your window can be used to enhance your interior design. Using a mirror to reflect the gorgeous trees you have outside, or the amazing garden you’ve created in your backyard will bring the appealing charm of nature into your home.
  • Many people tend to shy away from placing large mirrors in small rooms, but the truth is using a large mirror, even one of our full length floor or leaner mirrors, in a smaller room creates the illusion of depth. If you choose to use this trick, pay close attention to what the mirror reflects. You are trying to enlarge the room’s appearance, but the opposite will occur if you allow a mirror to reflect a cluttered area in your home.
  • Increasing the light in a dark room is a challenge, but this problem can easily be solved by placing a mirror behind a light source. The mirror’s reflective surface will help maximize the light’s reach, which will brighten the room without having to add another lamp or ceiling light.
  • Don’t be afraid of using mirrored furniture. Having a mirrored cabinet or drawer against a wall in a small room will trick the eye into believing the floor continues. On the other hand, if you use mirrored furniture in a busy room, you could cause the room to appear even smaller than it already is.

You can resolve a number of design shortcomings in virtually any room by using mirrors. If you are interested in purchasing a mirror for your home, please contact us to view our collection of beautiful home furnishings.

Cottage Style Home Decorating Ideas

When you are getting ready to decorate your home but are not sure where to start, you can choose a specific style or theme to help guide your home decorating. One style that is beautiful to decorate your home with is the cottage style. Today’s cottage style furniture provides vintage character, soft colors, and a mix of accessories from new, vintage and flea market treasures. Keep reading to learn about cottage style decorating ideas.

To create a base for creating a cottage style at home, start with the large pieces of furniture. The furnishings should be comfortable and casual with a simple color palette. The accent furniture such as a small table or lamp should be classic with no-frills. The next layer in decorating should be adding your own personal details such as bright photo frames, decorative pillows and throws.

Augusta Daybed

The Augusta Daybed personifies the cottage style.

A classic standout for cottage style decorating is the use of white beadboard. A bed frame, dresser or even on the walls can incorporate this clean and traditional style. A great DIY decorating idea is to add beadboard on the bottom half of your walls with accent molding known as a “chair rail” around the top of the beadboard. This will brighten up a room as well as provide classic cottage style.

Cottage style kitchens are always clean, fresh and airy with white cabinets. Plain or shaker style cabinet doors provide clean lines and simple style to the room. Subway tile as a backsplash is a timeless accent often associated with cottage style. Unique touches such as a farmhouse sink or a vintage table add personalized style that is traditionally cottage style.

Built in seating is a unique way to incorporate the informal nature of cottage style. A cozy window seat in the living room that serves as a reading nook or a lovely bench in the eat in kitchen serve perfectly to provide charm to any space. In the kitchen, pair the bench with a rustic table and vintage looking chairs to create a casual eat-in kitchen.

For window treatments, avoid heavy and dark drapery and stick to sheers, lace, or lightweight natural fabrics as these will light and airy feel. Add wooden or plantation shutters on the inside of the home as these are reminiscent of coastal homes and are able to let in breezes and light while providing privacy when needed.

Often associated with decorating a beach house or vacation home, today’s cottage style fits easily right at home, too. Contact us to learn more cottage style home decorating ideas.

Learn more about the cottage style by watching this video:

Flexible Game Table Furniture

What has happened to us?  Our family time or time spent with friends is relegated to watching TV while shuffling through our phones, tablets and devices for entertainment.  Why not take a stand and actually interact with others?  You know…  do something “old school” and break out the board games or cards.  Interact with the family, or at a minimum have friends and neighbors over for poker night.


Reversible table tops on these game table sets, offer the ultimate flexibility and turn a dining area into a multi-purpose room.

Reversible game table sets can make this happen.  They can be an ideal choice for home entertainment. With these table sets, the top are “flippable” or reversible.  You don’t have to relegate a portion of your home to a game playing area.  The tables can be used for dining, and the flipped for games or card playing.

If you want to regularly take part in family night gaming or spend time with friends playing board games, cards or other table-type games, then these table and chair sets make a wonderful choice for your décor. You can get game table sets in a wide variety of styles and designs and in a wide range of prices.

Game table sets look wonderful when placed in breakfast nooks or even in the corner of your kitchen. If you do not have a dedicated family room, you can place these tables nearly anywhere in your home to give you the perfect place for playing cards, board games and even doing homework.

They also make the perfect choice for a dinette set if you have a small dining room that will simply not hold a larger, more traditional dining room set. When you are not playing games, the beautiful wood finish on most game tables is perfect for enjoying quiet family meals. The chairs, with casters, are very comfortable in most sets and look beautiful in any room in your home.

For families that actively take part in game nights, which is an excellent way to spend quality time with family, game table sets are a virtual must. You simply cannot go wrong when you add a stylish set to your home that doubles both as an eating table and as the perfect game table.

Whether you simply need a small table and chairs set for a tiny kitchen or dining room, or you want to add some spice to your family room with an elegant game table set, these table and chairs sets are an excellent addition to your family.

Design Trends: Upholstered Beds & Headboards


Upholstered Headboards: Trendy and Neutral

Upholstered beds and headboards have been around for a while.  However, we’re seeing a huge resurgence in their popularity.  It used to be a manufacturer would dedicate one or two pieces of their line to a bed or headboard with a leather or microfiber upholstered panel inset.  Now we’re seeing vendors offer 10-15 items in varying fabrics and materials for consumers.

Why the recent trend?  As with most most design trends, it’s difficult, if not impossible to pinpoint the start, or the reason behind the newfound popularity.  However, neutrals have also become exceedingly trendy.  Since upholstery can be offered in lighter neutral fabrics (instead of a wooden dark brown cherry, or deep espresso finish), lighter-colored upholstered beds and headboards can make a smaller room feel warmer, brighter and less “stuffy.”

Of course, these pieces aren’t for everyone.  As with upholstered sofas, there’s a certain wear and tear that will come with a piece covered in a soft, pliable fabric.  In addition, light colored or neutral upholstered headboards are going to be more apt to stain and harder to clean.  This may be a consideration in home with children, or in a child’s bedroom.

All in all, if your looking to update a bedroom, or hop on the last trend in bedroom furniture, look at an upholstered bed.  It will definitely change the entire look and feel of the room.

Finding Furniture for Your Vacation Home

Beach Condo

Beach Condo

Many of our customers use us as a one-stop shopping destination for vacation home furniture.  Order online and be sure to place in your order details where you’d like your new furniture to be delivered.  Most of our furniture ships via furniture carriers that will call ahead to schedule an exact delivery date and time with you over the phone.  That way, you can schedule your order to arrive while your at your vacation property.  In the instance where the items include our white glove delivery service, the delivery agent will assemble your furniture for you in your room of choice and remove any and all packaging debris.

If you don’t want to have to be there to receive your delivery at your vacation home, just be sure to have someone there (property manager, relative, guest, etc…) there to sign for the the new delivery.  It’s so simple and easy, we wonder how vacation homes get furnished without us.

Ski Condo

Ski Condo

Some of our more popular items for vacation homes (beach homes, ski condos, etc…) include additional beds for sleeping in guest rooms, like bunk beds and twin size beds.  Also, perfect ideas for smaller, more intimate dining and entertainment areas include barstools, counter height stools and counter height dining sets.

So, use us for your some ski condo furniture or beach condo furniture needs. Life’s too short — spend less of your time finding furniture and more of your vacation on the slopes or lounging by the pool or beach.