Tips for Decorating a Kitchen

If you’re like most of us, you spend the majority of your time at home in the kitchen. As the saying goes, “The kitchen is the heart of the home;” which is why the design flow of the whole home often takes its lead from this particular room. If you are looking for kitchen decorating ideas, a great way to add a little extra design panache to the project is by adding décor to the usually neglected or forgotten backsplash. The backsplashes are the areas behind the stove, counters and sink that protect the walls from splashes of food, grease, water, etc. How you choose to dec orate your backsplash can create an overall theme in your kitchen, or simply give the space a chic, elegant, or sophisticated décor accent, similar to a feature wall.

The most widely used material for the backsplash is tile, and there are many different types of tile to choose from. Stone, ceramic, and glass tile options feature versatility, allowing you to mix and match to create different designs, patterns, and images. Acrylic, stainless steel, and wallpaper are a few more ideas to consider when designing your kitchen backsplash.

Pennfield Kitchen Island Set - Functional and Beautiful

Pennfield Kitchen Island Set – Functional and Beautiful

Another excellent idea, if you have space in your kitchen, is to incorporate a kitchen island which can be used as additional workspace and storage. Kitchen islands can hold spice racks, towels, paper towel dispensers, and cookbook stands. If you cook a lot and have tons of cooking utensils, a kitchen island can put that slotted spoon and pair of tongs right at your fingertips. If you love wine, have wine wine place on the counter or underneath can add both functional storage and visual appeal.

Be creative and do some research, you might be able to find even more unique ways to add décor to your kitchen. While you contemplate your design ideas, contact Decor South for your kitchen remodeling or renovation project.

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