Home Decorating to Sell Your Property

The unbeatable combination of affordable interest rates and raising house prices has prompted you to put your home up for sale. You want your property to go for as high a price and as quickly as possible. Home decorating to sell your property, more commonly known as “staging,” can make it happen.

Begin by decluttering and depersonalizing. Remove any unnecessary accessories, furniture, children’s and pet toys, and unusual collections from your rooms. This automatically makes your interior appear more spacious. Replace family pictures and personal artwork with something that you’d see in a model home. This lets buyers more readily imagine themselves living in your space.

If you have any large, unusually colored, or dated furniture, replace them with something more contemporary. You can buy furniture to stage your home, especially if you plan to use it in your new.  This is much more economical in the long run than renting entire suites of home furnishings.  Be sure to choose neutral and current pieces that will appeal to the greatest range of buyers. If you can’t afford to purchase or rent, borrow furniture from friends and neighbors. A fresh coat of paint will update an old table and a slipcover can hide your neon green couch.

Make your rooms seem brighter by minimizing window coverings or removing them altogether. At the very least, leave curtain, blinds, and shades open for any showings to let the maximum amount of sunlight in. Prune any foliage that may be blocking the light. Turn on all the lights in your home when buyers arrive, and add small lighting pieces in corners that do not receive adequate brightness. You can also reflect the brightness by hanging mirrors on the walls, using shiny or metallic accessories, and sticking with light-colored throw pillow, rugs, and bed linens.

If you want more information on interior design or want pieces to stage your home, please contact us.

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