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Bathroom Design Fail

These crack me up and we’ll probably be posting a series of these in the future.  It’s amazing how often common sense is thrown out the window when space-planning.  Adding a new bathroom?  Ummm…  please spend a little time in the planning process.

Bathroom Design Fail

Bathroom Design Fail

Another Great Wall Painting Idea (Faux Finish)

Want to add some interest to a room or accent wall?  Get a broom…

faux finish with broom

Easy faux-finish with a broom.

Apply wall paint as you normally would (roller, brush, etc…).  While the paint is still wet, drag the broom down the wall vertically.  This will add texture and depth to any wall.

Of course this works best when changing a wall color from a traditional white to a new color (dark or light).  Super-easy and really inexpensive — we like both of these things!

Home Decorating to Sell Your Property

The unbeatable combination of affordable interest rates and raising house prices has prompted you to put your home up for sale. You want your property to go for as high a price and as quickly as possible. Home decorating to sell your property, more commonly known as “staging,” can make it happen.

Begin by decluttering and depersonalizing. Remove any unnecessary accessories, furniture, children’s and pet toys, and unusual collections from your rooms. This automatically makes your interior appear more spacious. Replace family pictures and personal artwork with something that you’d see in a model home. This lets buyers more readily imagine themselves living in your space.

If you have any large, unusually colored, or dated furniture, replace them with something more contemporary. You can buy furniture to stage your home, especially if you plan to use it in your new.  This is much more economical in the long run than renting entire suites of home furnishings.  Be sure to choose neutral and current pieces that will appeal to the greatest range of buyers. If you can’t afford to purchase or rent, borrow furniture from friends and neighbors. A fresh coat of paint will update an old table and a slipcover can hide your neon green couch.

Make your rooms seem brighter by minimizing window coverings or removing them altogether. At the very least, leave curtain, blinds, and shades open for any showings to let the maximum amount of sunlight in. Prune any foliage that may be blocking the light. Turn on all the lights in your home when buyers arrive, and add small lighting pieces in corners that do not receive adequate brightness. You can also reflect the brightness by hanging mirrors on the walls, using shiny or metallic accessories, and sticking with light-colored throw pillow, rugs, and bed linens.

If you want more information on interior design or want pieces to stage your home, please contact us.

Modernism: Decorating Your Home for Harmony & Balance

I know you have heard it before, “your home is like your castle,” but it should be more than just a place that provides you security and comfort; your home should also be a place where you automatically feel harmony and balance. A modern space can achieve just that feeling. Not necessarily a style, modernism is meant to create newness- by using quality new materials and new methods rather than past traditions and styles for home decorating. The idea is to create an inspired space throughout your home that is pleasantly calming and not overwhelming; and where each decorative piece can have its own solo performance, while other items in the room are still noticeable but kept more muted.

If you want your home to be more creative than you imagine, then already you have an attitude that is wide rather than a narrow view. That means that you are open to the approach that gives a broader spectrum of styles, influences, and techniques. Through modernism, just about any category of furnishings or objects can be mixed. Nevertheless, the modern style is set in harmony and proportion, with a balance between architecture and decoration, pattern and texture, and color and light. Décor South features a wide selection of modern style furniture, designed to help you achieve the balance between of harmony and style, such as the Akasha Dining, and the Elloise Sofa sets.

A modern setting has a huge impact on how the interior can be configured and remade. In this type of setting we can still display other interior-styled decor (other than modern objects) to reflect our own own personal style. From a rustic look  to retro objects , or any other style that you choose for your home, the options are limitless, especially when you have the option to mix and match in a (modern) setting.

At Decor South you can achieve a modern living, through different styled options and manufacturers. Create balance and harmony in your home and, contact us.

Decorating Trends for 2014

Are you getting ready to move to a new place? Are you tired of your décor and need a change? Maybe you have a second home that needs some sprucing up. If you’d like some inspiration to revitalize your space, take a look at these 2014 decorating trends.

Like fashion trends, design trends change over time. And although it’s not necessarily important to be “in style” with regard to your home décor, knowing the current popular styles can help you decide how to decorate or redecorate one room or an entire home. The trends described here—wall embellishments—can be applied in several ways to bring texture and dimension to flat wall surfaces and create focal points within your interior design.

Options for wall embellishments include wallpaper, glass, lace and beads, as well as some simple, more personalized DIY options. Let’s start with wall paper.

Digital printing has allowed wallpaper designers to formulate designs that have not been available in earlier hand-printed versions. Wallpaper can be used in several ways, depending on your objective. For example, papering just one wall in a room—an accent wall—will provide a focal point with more depth, especially where architectural detail is lacking.

A small room can appear larger by using vertical stripes. Wallpaper can transform too-large or high ceilinged rooms into more intimate spaces: Divide the room in half using a chair rail and wallpaper only the bottom half.

With wallpaper trending, just about anything goes. Damask, the classic wallpaper design, has returned in a variety of colors. Bold or busy prints that would be overwhelming in a living or dining room work in small rooms like bathrooms. An increasingly popular trend is wallpaper prints that mimic the natural environment with stones or rustic wood detail.

Going green is as popular with wall embellishments as it is in building construction; eco-friendly wall treatments focus on reusing and repurposing a variety of materials.

Homemade “wallpaper” is a unique personalized option to showcase your walls. You can use pages from your favorite book; magazine print, pictures or advertisements; and even newspapers.

Old windows or window shutters can be pieced together if broken or hung as-is for a rustic feel. This same effect can also be achieved by hanging musical instruments such as an old trombone or trumpet.

Fabric. For a more elegant feel, lace or fabric is a great choice for wall embellishment. This is a good option for renters who aren’t allowed to make permanent changes to their unit, and it’s not messy like painting. Fabric can also be framed like a painting and hung on the wall; this is a clever way to ensure your artwork and furniture complement one another.

Other design trends for 2014 include brass in everything from candlesticks and book ends to railings and coffee tables; the use of locally produced art work; and the color green. Pantone, “the world-renowned authority on color” was named Emerald green “color of the year” for 2013 and it’s popularity will continue well into 2014.

Home decorating, of course, goes way beyond your walls. Décor South can outfit you with every style of home furnishing and accessory as well as provide design information and advice to help you combine the latest trends with your personal style. To find out more, please contact us.


Tips on How to Decorate With Wall Art

Campagna Wall Mirror

Campagna Wall Mirror

Is your home filled with bare walls because you’re unsure of how to incorporate wall art into your rooms? While choosing and arranging artwork can be a bit intimidating, you will be thankful you took the risk once you see the positive impact it has on your home’s décor. Placing art throughout your house is a wonderful way to express your creativity further through your design choices. If you feel hesitant about selecting and placing artwork, following these simple decorating tips can ease your anxiety and help you achieve the perfect look.

Hanging techniques

If you are questioning how high is too high or how low is too low, the simple answer is when artwork is not being hung above furniture, the middle of the picture should be at eye-level. Gallerias and museums typically hang a painting so the center is 57 inches from the floor because that is considered the average eye-level for most individuals. You do not have to stick to this guideline, but it does provide you with a nice starting point.

When you are installing wall art above a couch, table, or mantle, your goal is to connect the two objects visually. You can achieve this objective by spacing the bottom of the artwork 6 to 12 inches away from the furnishing. If you are grouping a handful of smaller pictures together, you still use the 6 to 12 inch rule by hanging the lowest piece of art at this height.

Smaller pieces of artwork grouped together is a great alternative to purchasing one large painting. Whether you arrange the artwork vertically or horizontally, impacts the look of a room. Creating vertical lines through the artworks positioning on the wall widens the appearance of a narrow room. While placing one art piece above another in a horizontal arrangement, adds the illusion of height to the space.

Wall art decorating techniques

  • If the majority of walls in your home are white or your home’s design relies on a large amount of neutral colors, using vibrantly colored art can add a pop of personality to the room. On the other hand, if your room is filled with colorful décor and your afraid an art piece will overwhelm the space, pick something in a neutral tone.
  • It is important to keep lighting in mind when hanging your artwork. Proper lighting can enhance a paintings beauty while a picture hidden in the shadows will appear dull and uninviting. Installing accent lighting above artwork can turn a beautiful painting into the focal point of a room.
  • When you are decorating a small windowless room, adding a landscape painting or photograph can create a window effect which causes the room to feel more open.
  • Grouping artwork together, themed or not, in a collage like appearance is an excellent way to cover a large wall. You can use uniformed frames to tie the wall art together, or you can create a unique look by hanging an assortment of frames. The collage effect is extremely popular in today’s home décor.

If you’re looking to add character to your home with artwork, please contact us to view our large assortment of wall art.

Tips for Decorating a Kitchen

If you’re like most of us, you spend the majority of your time at home in the kitchen. As the saying goes, “The kitchen is the heart of the home;” which is why the design flow of the whole home often takes its lead from this particular room. If you are looking for kitchen decorating ideas, a great way to add a little extra design panache to the project is by adding décor to the usually neglected or forgotten backsplash. The backsplashes are the areas behind the stove, counters and sink that protect the walls from splashes of food, grease, water, etc. How you choose to dec orate your backsplash can create an overall theme in your kitchen, or simply give the space a chic, elegant, or sophisticated décor accent, similar to a feature wall.

The most widely used material for the backsplash is tile, and there are many different types of tile to choose from. Stone, ceramic, and glass tile options feature versatility, allowing you to mix and match to create different designs, patterns, and images. Acrylic, stainless steel, and wallpaper are a few more ideas to consider when designing your kitchen backsplash.

Pennfield Kitchen Island Set - Functional and Beautiful

Pennfield Kitchen Island Set – Functional and Beautiful

Another excellent idea, if you have space in your kitchen, is to incorporate a kitchen island which can be used as additional workspace and storage. Kitchen islands can hold spice racks, towels, paper towel dispensers, and cookbook stands. If you cook a lot and have tons of cooking utensils, a kitchen island can put that slotted spoon and pair of tongs right at your fingertips. If you love wine, have wine wine place on the counter or underneath can add both functional storage and visual appeal.

Be creative and do some research, you might be able to find even more unique ways to add décor to your kitchen. While you contemplate your design ideas, contact Decor South for your kitchen remodeling or renovation project.

Accent Walls: Flair & Personality on a Budget

Are you looking for that “wow” factor in your home decor? Do you want to do something that stands out, like you? You might want an accent wall in your home. An accent wall is a design concept that will turn any room you want into a masterpiece. Most people create an accent wall by simply painting one wall of the chosen room a bright or bold color. Here’s an idea: instead of choosing a single, different color to paint your accent wall, add some texture, have a mural painted to turn the wall itself into a work of art, or try something as different as a mirror mural. An impeccably styled accent wall can reflect your personal taste while adding to the overall value and decor of your new home. Here are a few more decorating tips that you might want to consider when designing your accent wall.

Textured: Try different materials like faux-brick, stucco, marble or the before mentioned wall mirrors to add a textured look to your accent wall. The size of your space can be increased (reflective surfaces like mirrors) or decreased (bulky materials like bricks). A few choice furniture pieces coupled with a textured accent wall can really show off your signature style. Don’t want mirrors or brick? Feel free to try other options like leather, metal, or even colored acrylic and wood.

Patterns: Instead of applying wallpaper to the whole room, try having it installed on the desired accent wall only. Tie the space decor together perfectly with a well chosen selection of wall paper that will enhance and accent the room.

Choosing the design of your interior that also shows your personal taste and style can be difficult. An accent wall is an excellent choice when it comes to a giving your space a touch of personality.

Home Decorating Style Guide

After the remodel, comes the redecorating.  Or maybe you haven’t remodeled, you’re just thinking (and finally able to afford). “Out with the old, in with the new!” Either way, you get to shop for new home furnishings! Depending on your personal style, you can turn your home into a retro dwelling, or into an ultra-chic contemporary abode. Mix in match styles from room to room, or keep an overall theme for the whole house; whatever you choose, there are some gorgeous pieces to choose from that are sure to get you design point across. Below are four home furnishing ideas to help you achieve the overall design style that you desire for your home.

Retro features design points taken from the era of Art Deco (1920’s and 1930’s U.S), or Craftsman (1910-1925 U.S). The Bern Adjustable Swivel Barstool channels the retro look perfectly for your bar table.

Contemporary is modern, featuring sleek lines and bold pops of color. Try the Zurich Dresser in the guest room for the contemporary style.

Traditional elements are hardwood, and antique furnishings and/or accessories, giving the home a down home feel. For a touch of tradition, try the Northern Heights Dining Set in the kitchen or dining room.

Transitional bridges traditional and contemporary to both update, and sophisticate a space. The Lakeview Cocktail Table seamlessly combines the traditional with the modern to achieve the signature style.

Decor South offers top of the line discount furniture that fits any style, any design element, and any design budget. For more information, contact us.