Tips on How to Decorate With Wall Art

Campagna Wall Mirror

Campagna Wall Mirror

Is your home filled with bare walls because you’re unsure of how to incorporate wall art into your rooms? While choosing and arranging artwork can be a bit intimidating, you will be thankful you took the risk once you see the positive impact it has on your home’s décor. Placing art throughout your house is a wonderful way to express your creativity further through your design choices. If you feel hesitant about selecting and placing artwork, following these simple decorating tips can ease your anxiety and help you achieve the perfect look.

Hanging techniques

If you are questioning how high is too high or how low is too low, the simple answer is when artwork is not being hung above furniture, the middle of the picture should be at eye-level. Gallerias and museums typically hang a painting so the center is 57 inches from the floor because that is considered the average eye-level for most individuals. You do not have to stick to this guideline, but it does provide you with a nice starting point.

When you are installing wall art above a couch, table, or mantle, your goal is to connect the two objects visually. You can achieve this objective by spacing the bottom of the artwork 6 to 12 inches away from the furnishing. If you are grouping a handful of smaller pictures together, you still use the 6 to 12 inch rule by hanging the lowest piece of art at this height.

Smaller pieces of artwork grouped together is a great alternative to purchasing one large painting. Whether you arrange the artwork vertically or horizontally, impacts the look of a room. Creating vertical lines through the artworks positioning on the wall widens the appearance of a narrow room. While placing one art piece above another in a horizontal arrangement, adds the illusion of height to the space.

Wall art decorating techniques

  • If the majority of walls in your home are white or your home’s design relies on a large amount of neutral colors, using vibrantly colored art can add a pop of personality to the room. On the other hand, if your room is filled with colorful décor and your afraid an art piece will overwhelm the space, pick something in a neutral tone.
  • It is important to keep lighting in mind when hanging your artwork. Proper lighting can enhance a paintings beauty while a picture hidden in the shadows will appear dull and uninviting. Installing accent lighting above artwork can turn a beautiful painting into the focal point of a room.
  • When you are decorating a small windowless room, adding a landscape painting or photograph can create a window effect which causes the room to feel more open.
  • Grouping artwork together, themed or not, in a collage like appearance is an excellent way to cover a large wall. You can use uniformed frames to tie the wall art together, or you can create a unique look by hanging an assortment of frames. The collage effect is extremely popular in today’s home décor.

If you’re looking to add character to your home with artwork, please contact us to view our large assortment of wall art.

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